Intro Topic – Reflection

When I first started researching digital natives and digital visitors I already had my own opinion on the subject – that you are either one or the other for a particular platform. However I’ve come to understand that this can be seen as more of a spectrum.

Many argue that the two labels aren’t mutually exclusive and can be seen as a continuum where you float back and forth between the two which is something I discovered on Phoebe’s article. This rang particularly true when I see myself as a resident on YouTube yet I struggled to post a blog post on WordPress!

My experiences of posting on YouTube and creating a community made me into a digital resident because it is driven by something I’m passionate about, as explained by Nadav Wilf on building online communities:

Tewsdae’s comment was particularly interesting and made me realise I have become more of a digital resident since joining university. Since my first year I’ve learnt more about how to maintain an online presence and participate with others.

With YouTube in particular Jeremy made a comment about how my relationship is with my subscribers and how I impact the community I am in. His comment lead me to an article which argues residents see value online being assessed in terms of relationships and not just content. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. What I post online is an expression of myself and it is similar to talking to someone in person about something I really care about.

My views on this topic have been altered and made me see how people use the Internet in different ways. I will use what I’ve learnt to understand where I fall in this digital landscape and to better improve my online community.

My comment on William Jones’ blog here.

My comment on Adam Rann’s blog here.





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